In order to deliver the value-added service to customers, we use methodologies such as Lean and Six-sigma to maximize the benefits for customers and employees.
The concept of Lean is not restricted to manufacturing and applies to the whole enterprise, including the supply chain, the new product development process and the provision of service.
We have five Lean Principles for "Lean Thinking":
  • Specify what creates value from the customer's perspective
  • Identify all the steps across the whole value stream (refer to below diagram)
  • Make those actions which create value flow
  • Only make what is pulled by the customer just-in-time
  • Strive for perfection by continually removing successive layers of waste
A process and quality reliability improvement relying on customer feedback and fact-based data gathering and analysis techniques to drive process improvement and reduce the variation
Refers to a process that generates no more than 3.4 defects per million opportunities
Our Six-sigma DMAIC Framework
Control Goals
Define Establish the scope and goals for improvement (SMART).*
Diagram the flow of the current process.
Establish the customer's requirements for the process.
Measure Gather baseline performance data related to the existing process.
Narrow the scope of the project to the most important problems.
Analyze Find out the root cause(s) of the problems identified in the Measure stage.
Improve Develop, evaluate, and implement solutions to the problems.
Control Ensure that problems remain fixed.
Seek to improve the new methods over time.
* SMART = Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-specific.
We believe that well-defined infrastructure for training, support and project co-ordination are essential foundation for Six-Sigma project. Our employees carry out different roles respectively to accomplish various tasks:
Executive management champions
  - Key management team members who have a clear overview of the six sigma projects.
Master black belts
  - External consultants who train the black belts and support six sigma projects
Black belts
  - The project leaders who execute overall project management
Green belts
  - The project leaders of a part of a project who implement six sigma projects